Frimley Osteopathic Clinic - Local Professional Osteopathic Family Clinic  (tel:07905 891071)
On a typical first appointment, 
a detailed 'case history' is taken.
We will want to know how the symptoms began and the factors which affect them. We will also ask you questions regarding your general health. Any previous illnesses/ injuries and also current treatments will be noted. This includes, any medication you may
be taking.
This allows us to build up a complete picture and gives us a good understanding of not just the symptoms but also the possible cause(s) of your complaint. All this information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other health care professional without your consent.
Secondly follows an examination.
Some time will be spend on observing your body with regard to posture and movement.
You may be asked to perform certain movements, so we can assess any structural and/or functional changes in the problematic area and also the possible effect it may have had on the rest of the body. 
Next we carry out a full examination of your spine and all major joints of the body.  This consists of physically checking the general movement of every individual joint and assessing the quality (tone) of the surrounding muscles.  We then move on to the painful part of your body; the reason of your visit. This area will be examined in greater detail. 
We may also carry out simple test like checking your reflexes and taking your blood pressure. If indicated we will also carry out more complex neurological tests. 
We will then discuss our findings with you and continue with treatment if appropriate.
is typically very gentle and usually does not hurt.
We use a wide range of osteopathic techniques to suit the individual patient's needs, ranging from gentle but specific soft tissue work, articulation of individual joints, to manipulation (clicking).
We may also use 'cranial' techniques and 'dry needling'.
All forms of treatment will be explained to you first.
Nothing will happen without the patient's consent. 
What to wear?   
Usually you will need to get undressed down to your underwear, so please wear underwear in which you feel comfortable. If this is a problem, don't worry, we can usually manage!
What do Osteopaths commonly treat?
We treat a wide range of musculo-skeletal complaints (not just backs)!
     Most commonly we treat:
  • General muscular aches and pains,
  • Back problems, General joint aches and pains (all joints),
  • General mobility problems,
  • Problems during pregnancies: upper/low back pain, pelvic and postural 
  • Spinal pain (neck, upper middle and low back pain)
  • Sciatica, trapped nerve, Lumbago
  • Arthritic joint related pain (all joints)
  • Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot problems
  • Tennis Elbow, Bursitis
  •  Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
  • Headaches, Postural problems
  • Hand and Wrist problems (carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Work related discomfort due to occupational factors (poor work station set-up/driving/heavy lifting)
  • Frozen shoulder/Loss of mobility
  • Sports injuries from golf/tennis/football/running etc. such as shinsplint, muscle strains, tendonitis, trauma to ligaments.
  • Muscular tension (spasms, strains)
  • Local circulatory problems
For Appointments
Advice call:
07905 891071
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